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The founding idea of ​​Mommy SPA

Hey, I'm Sarah, a chaos-tested mom of two who lives in crazy Berlin and founded her "baby" Mommy SPA there. It all started with my pregnancy in 2017, when I wanted to start oiling my stomach right from the start to prevent the dreaded stretch marks. However, the search for high-quality, aesthetic and purely herbal natural cosmetics was in vain. From that point on, I wanted to change that...


Sarah Mareen Baumgart

Excited about the idea, I then decided to take matters into my own hands. As an experienced product manager who has worked for many years in product development at various cosmetics companies, I knew exactly what had to be done.

I found a renowned German manufacturerof natural cosmetics who was not only an expert in the field of natural cosmetics, but forwhich is also sustainables action on all levels ais a matter of course. So an ideal partner for my project!

We worked together on unique nourishing formulas that are specially adapted to the needs of sensitive skin during pregnancy - naturally free of animal ingredients, silicones, mineral oils or parabens. Also without synthetic fragrances and essential oils, which can very often trigger allergies and irritations, especially with sensitive skin.

Since I was extremely sensitive to smells during my pregnancy, I searched in vain for fragrance-free skin care. This was also a tip from my midwife, so it went without saying for me that the Mommy SPA care series should be without any kind of fragrances. That is why all products can also be used without hesitation while breastfeeding, since baby noses are also extremely sensitive to smells and the mother's own smell is therefore not overshadowed by foreign smells.

Mommy SPA

But njust a rich, nourishing texture with high-quality phyto active ingredients , nsuch a modern, clean design was important to me. Because I found the previous products on the mom care market either old-fashioned, way too kitschy and/or they were packed in plastic. I therefore decided on high-quality glass packaging and a cheerful design with muted pastel colors, which therefore does not appear too intrusive, but at the same time is an eye-catcher in the bathroom.

Because right from the start, my goal with Mommy SPA was to give something positive to the subject of pregnancy and the changes in the body. Many women are primarily afraid of physical changesn, but should enjoy them to the fullest and be proud of what their body is doing and doing something good for it do - as you know it from a soothing SPA treatment.

Mommy SPA is a care line that, unlike conventional pregnancy cosmetics, not only wants to "correct" or "reduce" something, but also gives women something extra:

A short but intense moment of well-being.

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