Clean beauty meets sustainable lifestyle

Greenbeauty, Ecobeauty, Organicbeauty and Cleanbeauty cosmetics are currently more in demand than ever and one of the most important future trends. Unfortunately, some black sheep in the cosmetics industry take advantage of this and practice so-called "greenwashing".
It is unfortunately not uncommon for a brand to present itself as environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly without taking appropriate measures in the context of value creation. So a green image is suggested by the brand just to be able to sell products better.

Applying imaginary organic symbols, a bottle or label design that promises a lot of organic but says nothing of it, or misleading brand names are just a few examples of greenwashing.

Mommy SPA, on the other hand, does exactly the opposite: We want to clearly show and communicate what we are made of. Why?

Because the topic of protecting the environment and resources is extremely important to us and we not only think about our future, but also about the future of our children and grandchildren.

And because we are very proud that we have developed Mommy SPA as a brand as sustainably as possible through a lot of work and research. As a small but fine natural cosmetics start-up, we want to show what is already possible in product development in terms of sustainability and what many big brands have unfortunately, let's call it, "missed".

Of course there are limits and various opinions on topics such as glass versus plastic packaging (keyword ecological balance), but there are already enough possibilities to use sustainable and resource-saving means.

In addition to the Mommy SPA textures, many other components such as labels or shipping boxes have also been selected in an environmentally friendly manner.

The following overview shows which products at Mommy SPA have not only been developed sustainably, but also vegan:


Pure herbal care ingredients

Made in Germany

Manufactured and bottled in Germany

Eco friendly

Environmentally friendly and sustainable product development

No Nasties

WITHOUT mineral oils, parabens, silicones, paraffins, PEGs, preservatives