Our creed

What we do today determines what the world will be like tomorrow.

For us, sustainability means meeting our ecological responsibility as a company. We want to set a good example and show how much sustainability is possible in the manufacture of natural cosmetic products today.

1. From moms for moms

Mommy SPA was developed by Sarah, the mother of two and beauty product manager. Before Mommy SPA, she worked in development for many cosmetics companies.

This combination makes for the ideal knowledge that is important for a high-quality care range for pregnant women and mothers.

2. Of course, of course!

For Mommy SPA, product quality and product safety have top priority right from the start. Naturally pure biological ingredients from predominantly controlled organic cultivation, as well as natural emulsifiers and surfactants are therefore a matter of course for us. As a result, our products are also free from any synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives. All raw materials have been selected with the greatest care, perfectly tailored to the needs of pregnant women and mothers.

We believe in the healing power of nature, which is very close to our hearts and is deeply anchored in our brand DNA. For this reason, we promise that our products are absolutely cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan in origin. So you have the guarantee of holding an absolutely safe natural cosmetic product for you and your child.

3) Quite "pretty eco"!

While we're committed to sustainability, we don't want to look stereotypically "eco" when it comes to aesthetics. The times when the sustainability of a product was incompatible with a stylish look are long gone. That's why our design is a mix of modern purism and a cheerful play of colors - that's what makes Mommy SPA so unique in design too!

The other components such as packaging, labels and shipping material could not be more sustainable. In addition to environmentally friendly glass bottles, labels made from biodegradable stone paper and shipping boxes made from recycled waste paper, even our shipping filling material is compostable. There is no outer packaging at all in order to pollute the environment with as little waste as possible.

For us, sustainability means meeting our ecological responsibility as a company. We would like to set a good example and show how much sustainability in the production and distribution of natural cosmetic products is possible today.

4) With a lot of heart!

In addition to the best and purest ingredients that nature has to offer, two other properties are essential to develop a special kind of natural cosmetic product: absolute passion and a strong will. For our founder Sarah, Mommy SPA was a heart project from the very first second, and she affectionately calls it her "second baby" due to a few additional sleepless nights and countless moments of happiness at the same time.

5)Made in Germany

Because product quality is our top priority, we have opted for quality products "Made in Germany". Our cosmetic products are manufactured by a renowned family business in southern Germany with a great deal of experience in the field of natural cosmetics. Inspired by the unspoilt landscape of the Swabian Jura and its soothing atmosphere, the traditional establishment pursues a holistic approach. Concentrating on the essentials, effective cosmetics are produced here without endangering resources. The company focuses on quality and deceleration in every production phase. It works with regional partners from whom it sources its herbs and oils. All products are manufactured on the Swabian Alb and bottled regionally before they reach us. Last but not least, we also contribute to protecting the environment with short and efficient transport routes.