Our claim

"My wish is to turn skin care into a particularly beautiful ritual, especially during pregnancy. It not only serves to enjoy a brief intimate moment with your baby to the fullest, but also to take care of your own body to get to know him better, to experience his wonderful change and to do something good for him."

* * *

Sarah - Mommy SPA founder

Founding Story

It all began with my first pregnancy, during which I searched in vain for purely plant-based and at the same time sustainable natural cosmetics for pregnant women. Because I wanted to leave only the best and most natural ingredients on my skin, which not only protects her, but also my child and the environment at the same time.

brand promise

Right from the start, product quality, product safety and the protection of our environment have top priority for us. That's why we only select the highest quality ingredients from mostly certified organic cultivation, work with partners from the region and prefer environmentally friendly product packaging and shipping materials. This responsibility for our nature can not only be seen in our vegan natural cosmetics, but above all you can feel it.