My name is Sarah and I am the mother of my second "baby": Mommy SPA. Mommy SPA came about through my search for high-quality, aesthetic natural cosmetics for pregnant women and mothers. I got pregnant for the first time in 2017 and wanted to start oiling my stomach right from the start to prevent the dreaded stretch marks. But I was disappointed with the common products from drugstores and pharmacies: Some oils didn't absorb, didn't noticeably care, smelled extremely. Others were just overly kitschy in design. Including purely herbal natural cosmetics? None!

I was wondering where all the stylish and vegan natural cosmetics brands are that are currently dominating the drugstore shelves?

Enthusiastic about the idea, I then decided to take matters into my own hands: As an experienced beauty product manager, I knew exactly what to do and found a well-known natural cosmetics manufacturer from southern Germany who was also on fire for my Project was like me.

What makes Mommy SPA so unique?

Together with experts who are also mothers, I worked on unique nourishing formulas that are specially adapted to the needs of sensitive skin during pregnancy - naturally free of animal ingredients, silicones, mineral oils or parabens. Also without synthetic fragrances and essential oils, which can often trigger allergies and irritations, especially with sensitive skin.

Therefore, all products are completely fragrance-free and particularly suitable for odor-sensitive pregnant women. This means that the products can also be used without hesitation while breastfeeding, because the mother's own odor is not overshadowed by foreign odours.

In addition to a rich, nourishing texture with high-quality phyto-active ingredients, a modern design was also important to me. Because the care products are daily companions in a very special phase of life and therefore they should also be a pleasure to look at.

Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest

My aspiration and motivation is to turn daily skin care into a particularly beautiful ritual. It not only serves to enjoy a short intimate moment with your baby to the fullest, but also to feel your own body, to get to know it better, to experience its wonderful change and to do something good for it - like you would from a soothing SPA -Knows treatment.

Mommy SPA is a care line that, unlike conventional pregnancy cosmetics, not only wants to "correct" or "reduce" something, but also gives women something: a short but intense moment of well-being.

Enjoy your pregnancy with all your senses!

Your Sarah

Our creed

What we do today determines what the world will be like tomorrow.

For us, sustainability means meeting our ecological responsibility as a company. We want to set a good example and show how much sustainability is possible in the manufacture of natural cosmetic products today.